Monday, July 26, 2010

Past times...

So hand painted wooden nursery letters were my favorite craft of choice for a very long while. I haven't made any in well over a year and as of recently I have been itching to but have had no reason to really. But with my 2 best friends having babies in the next 6 months I think I should get to it.
I don't have much right now to post in this blog so I thought I would just post a few of my favorite things I have done in the past. Enjoy.

These above were painted on wooden letters, and I painted these in one night. I free handed all the plaids and everything. I love these.

These were painted on 5x7 canvas and these took me about 2 weeks. I did copy the patterns and stuff from the bedding from the babies nursery. I drew it all out in pencil first then painted over, as you can see from the little pirate the detail was very fine. I love these very much, they are the only ones I have done like them.

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